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The Post Where My Son Channels Sid Caesar

March 13, 2015 – Day 530

It is one kettle of cod to read about a thing and quite another bin of fish to actually experience it.

When doing research before our trip to downtown Bangkok to visit the complex of buildings collectively known as the Grand Palace, I had read several times (such as here) about how enterprising entrepreneurs (aka scammers) patrol the streets outside the Grand Palace and attempt to convince tourists that the complex is closed, but that they can show you around for a fee.

So, sure enough, after our gaggle of family members approached the walls of the Palace and waited to cross a busy intersection, we were approached by a Thai man who spoke passable English.

“Excuse me, hello,” he started. He had approached me on my right and was trying to grab my attention.

“Hello, hello,” he continued, “Palace is closed today.”

I have not even turned to face him. I am staring straight ahead willing the traffic buzz-full of tuk-tuks, pink taxis, and motorcycles to part like the Red Sea so that I and my family may continue our journey to the Promised Attraction.

“I take you to open part of Palace,” the man says again.

It is here that my middle child (and youngest son) displays his genius. He is standing to my left and he too has been hearing the Thai gentleman attempting to gain our attention.

He turns to me and says loud enough over the din of vehicles so that the Thai man can hear, “Sie verwendet einen √úbersetzer, nicht wahr?

Actually, the words my son used were complete gibberish, but his German accent and cadence was so spot-on, that the Thai man vanished back into the crowd to look for another victim…ahem, customer.

As for the title, ladies and gentlemen, here is five-plus minutes of the great Sid Caesar. Seriously, if you can make Carl Reiner laugh this hard (at 3:35), you are in the pantheon of great comedians.


Shots From the Grand Palace

March 13, 2015 – Day 530

We visited the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok. Here are some examples of what we saw:


As you can view, we saw many tourists.

We saw other things too, but that can wait for another post