Travel Theme: Mischievous

January 6, 2015 – New Zealand:Day 001

From the website Where’s My Backpack, the weekly photo theme is mischievous.

My entry for this week takes us to Auckland, New Zealand.

While walking around the city on our way to the Sky Tower, our traveling vacationing family came across a bus, advertising the local aquarium, that was shaped a tad differently.

Oh, when the shark bites...

Oh, when the shark bites…

Okay, let’s rev up the Pun-O-Matic and see what it spits out….

a) Here’s a ride that will cost you an arm and a leg.

b) This is a bus where all the passengers are chum-my

c) It’s form of public transportation that takes a bite out of your commute

Please feel free to add you own.


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