Falling Numbers

January 18, 2015 – Day 476

The numbers they are a’falling.

For starters, we have the temperature. On this Sunday, when the sun rose, the mercury stood at a solid sixty-eight degrees. Here in Bangkok, that is sweater weather. Citizens of Chicago are perfectly free to roll their eyes and even sarcastically whisper That’s adorable as their thermometer showed thirty-seven on the morning of the 18th.

Another set of numbers that is dropping are those attached to gasoline prices. Just like in the United States, the price for automobile go-juice has been migrating southward. In America, according to the Lundberg Survey (news item here), a gallon of gasoline now sits at $2.20, the lowest level since 2009.

So how does this price compare to Thailand? Let’s find out.

Last April, I did a post talking about pump prices in Bangkok. Back then, I was paying the equivalent of $4.43 a gallon while the price in the States was $3.60.

Today, I filled up our car and paid 25.98 Thai baht per liter. Just like my post in April, when the price per liter was 38.08 Thai baht, it’s time to do some calculations and see where they take us.

On Sunday, it took 32.58 Thai baht to buy one US dollar.

One litre of gasoline is (still) equal to .264 gallons, so one gallon is actually 3.78 liters.

So, the amount I paid for one gallon of gas is 25.98 (my price per liter) multiplied by 3.78 (liters in a gallon) which comes out to 98.20 Thai baht.

That monetary amount is equivalent to $3.01 (98.20 divided by 32.58) and that is how much I shell out per gallon to fill up my vehicle.

That amount is eighty-one cents away from what I would pay, on average, in the States, but it sure is a great deal lower (a whole buck-forty-two) than what I paid in the fourth month of 2014.


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