Plain Vanilla Title – Nothing To See Here

November 30, 2014 – Day 445

So what is it like living in a country that has certain red lines that cannot be crossed. By “red lines”, I mean that there are specific topics (such as this and this) that are off-limits to be discussed by news organizations or by people on social media networks?

Here’s an example.

An English-language newspaper in this country (let’s call it the Post) had this story as their lead about a family surname losing a desired status.

If you read the link, this story in the Post goes into detail about the three criminal suspects who all share the defrocked family name. The article goes on to state that…

The letter making the order, which has been widely circulated on social media, says the revocation applies to all people using the name [name redacted by blogger], not just the suspects.

Notice that the Post‘s story makes no other mention of who else might share this family name.

But this story from the BBC does.

I would say that phrase “burying the lead” applies to the Post, except they never mentioned the “lead” so there was no way the Post could bury it. They simply ignored it.

POSTSCRIPT: In advance, I apologize for any and all offense given by this post. I’m only trying to share observations with friends and family back home.

POST-POSTSCRIPT: The very fact that I felt the need to obscure certain names and topics so that this post doesn’t show up in certain search engine results should serve as a great example of what it is like to live in a country with red lines.


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