Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

January 5, 2014 – Singapore:Day 002

The theme this week from WordPress regarding their Weekly Photo Challenge is signs.

Right about now, you are humming to yourself that song about signs, but depending on your age you are either reliving the version from the Five Man Electrical Band or Tesla.

Either way, my response to this week’s challenge takes us once again to Singapore during our family’s vacation to that small nation. One thing you need to know before viewing my photo is that there is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia that tastes divine but smells hellish.

Known as the durian, I have heard that dining on this custardy treat is akin to “eating a slice of heaven in an uncleaned public restroom.”

The taste may be wonderful, but it is quite obvious that the odor emanating from this spiky fruit is not a thing of beauty. How obvious is it that the durian’s stench is an experience to be avoided? My answer is this sign proscribing the things not to do while on the subway in Singapore.


The durian ranks right up there with flammable goods.

I did notice that there is no monetary fine amount if you are indeed caught with durians on the Singaporean subway. I wonder why.

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