Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

April 19, 2014 – Day 256

Humanity is the theme on tap this week from WordPress and my response takes us to an area outside of Hua Hin, Thailand.

In celebration of the week-long festival of Songkran, the family traveled to Hua Hin area to soak in some sun, enjoy the beach, and have fun at a waterpark. In our driving around to find certain attractions, we managed to get ourselves lost. Instead of being forlorn and anxious over not being where we wanted to be in a foreign land where we cannot read the street signs, we took this opportunity to see where the road would take it.

It took us to a large statue of man sitting cross-legged on a raised platform. The road took us to the Huay Mongkol Temple and learned that the statue in question is of Buddhist monk Luang Pu Thuat (1582 – 1682).

One of the activities we saw at this location was people talking thin layers of gold leaf and attaching them to one of a few life-size statues.


I will jump onto a limb of assumption and make a guess that this activity has some sort of religious significance.

After over forty years of living in countries where the majority of citizens expressed their faith by taking Communion, reading from the Torah, or kneeling and praying five times a day, it was fascinating to see how another large slice of humanity seeks answers and guidance.


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