Travel Theme: Merchandise

December 10, 2013 – Day 132

Over at the blog Where’s My Backpack?, the travel theme for this week is merchandise.

At the end of last year, my lovely wife went on a shopping adventure that was a precursor to her taking a cooking class with Saiyuud Diwong, who goes by the nickname Poo. So, yes, she cooked with poo. It addition to the items documented in this previous post, one of the other options that my lovely wife could have bought was this pair of items.


Since I can’t read Thai, I cannot say with certainty what is inside these jars, but the pictures on the front give me a clue.

The vessel on the right probably promotes muscle growth and most likely transforms a person from a 98-lb weakling into a Charles Atlas-like being.

The jar on the left probably earns you more likes on Facebook.


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