Insurance Salesman Included

June 24, 2014 – Day 322

Our house in Bangkok has some interesting architectural quirks. I have written before about the Mystery Object to discover later that it was a doorbell. I have not mentioned the fact that all of our bathroom floors are six inches lower than the hallway floors requiring the walker to remember to step down before entering the facilities (or stepping up when leaving the WC). I also have not mentioned the fact that the light switches in our house seem to be located at their optimal inconvenience distance from the lights they control. What follows is a common series of sounds in our house:









In addition to the structural quirks of our Thai domicile, it comes with its own collection of other inhabitants who share our home. Thankfully, I am not referring to any representatives of the insect kingdom (blech!) or talking about any animals who actually reside in our home (double blech!). No, instead, I am writing about a small lizard that is ubiquitous on the walls outside of our home. More often seen at night – where they dart away when our car’s headlights shine upon them – these wall-crawling denizens can be seen during the day, which is when I snapped this photo.

English accent not available

English accent not available

I speak, of course, of geckos.

Geckos, in my limited Thai experience, seem to be everywhere on the walls, pillars, and fences of our neighborhood. They dart and shimmy and skitter away whenever anyone comes near. They are most “frightening” at night when they move quickly and your peripheral vision detects motion and your body flinches before your brain realizes, “It’s just a gecko. Relax.”

Just so that I can make mention of the obvious pop-culture reference, not of these lizards has offered me fifteen percent off my car insurance.

Perhaps it’s a language issue.


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