Back in Bangkok

August 8, 2014 – Day 333

Today’s title has a double meaning.

First, the Sandosen family (ah, my love of pseudonyms) and I are back in the capital of Thailand (okay, technically, it’s a suburb north of Bangkok, but y’all get the idea) after a lovely stay in the United States during the month of July.

If I had to name three things that I enjoyed about being back in the “home o’ the brave” (and “seeing family members” is a given and always ranks numero uno), they would be…in no particular order…

a) dining at California Tortilla (gosh, how I miss good burritos);
b) free refills at restaurants (which are rare in Thailand); and
c) being able to be understood by everyone I spoke to at all retail establishments (i.e., gas stations, restaurants, shoe stores, etc.).

The second meaning to the title of this post is my desire to start writing again in this space about life in Thailand. We’ll all see if I’m able to keep up this blog space filled with my thoughts, pictures, and comments.

As a postscript, my return gives me the opportunity to see how well my prediction of how many days I would be in the Land of Smiles holds water. My first year here resulted in 332 days in Thailand, with some days away spent in Singapore and Malaysia. Some simple math magic shows me that if current trends hold, I will be in Thailand for a total of 996 days.

Close enough. I won’t be changing the title of this here blog.


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