Pump Price

April 7, 2014 – Day 244

Allow me to channel my inner Trillby Lundberg for today’s post.

For those not familiar with Lundberg’s work, her outfit publishes a biweekly survey of gas prices for the United States. Her latest offering, from April 4, shows that the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the US rose to $3.60. The lowest price ($3.20) was found in Billing, Montana (founder = Frederick Billings, Sr.), while the highest price ($4.04) was found in Los Angeles (founder = Felipe de Neve)

So how do those prices compare to Bangkok? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Now I can’t offer a comprehensive survey like Trillby Lundberg. In fact, all I can offer is one data point. I filled up our van today and the price at the pump was 38.08 Thai baht to the liter.

It’s time now for the conversions.

As of today, one American dollar equals 32.47 Thai baht. If you’re reading this on another day, then I have no idea what the exchange rate is but you can click here to find out.

One litre of gasoline is equal to .264 gallons, so one gallon is actually 3.78 liters.

So, the amount I paid for one gallon of gas is 38.08 (my price per liter) multiplied by 3.78 (liters in a gallon) which comes out to 143.94 Thai baht.

That monetary amount is equivalent to $4.43 (143.94 divided by 32.47) and that is how much I shell out per gallon

So while I am paying more to fill up my gas tank than you in the city of Los Angeles are, at least I am paying less than when I lived in Peru.


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