Travel Theme: Statues

January 20, 2014 – Day 167

A theme right up my alley here in Thailand.

The folks at have come up with the theme of statues for this week.

With that theme in mind, allow me to present to you some of the highlights of our January trip to downtown Bangkok and visit some of the better-known temples (or wats as they are known here).

Our first stop on our tour was the Golden Buddha located at Wat Traimit.


Congratulations, you have now seen a picture of the largest gold statue in the world.

Our next stop, after a thrilling ride on a tuk-tuk (think motorized three-wheeled taxi with a roof and no doors), was Wat Pho.

In the courtyards inside this temple, there are stern-looking stone guards such as this…


…and rows of Buddhas like these.


The largest statue at Wat Pho is the Reclining Buddha, so named because…well, it’s a Buddha in the reclining position. It’s so large that it was darn near impossible to fit the entire statue in one frame. But I still tried.


Here’s the other half:


As promised, here are your pictures of statues from our outing to the wats.


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