Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

October 6, 2013 – Day 067

After we visited the Bangkok version of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, we boarded the fine system of public transportation known as the BTS (aka Skytrain).

In addition to being aware that the capital of Thailand has a fine way method of moving people from one place to another, you should also be cognizant of the fact (in case you ever visit) that in the month of October, it can rain heavily, quickly, and with little warning. ‘Tis a fact I have not yet fully embraced that I should never leave the house without an umbrella while it is the rainy season.

While departing the BTS and on our way down to the street to grab a taxi, the sky opened up. While on the walkway waiting out the precipitation, I took the picture below which I offer up as the response to the weekly photo challenge from WordPress, which is street life.


To the right, you are looking at one of the entrances to the Chatuchuk Weekend Market. This is a large outdoor shopping area where all sorts of clothes, furniture, and even pets can be bought. The line of colored umbrellas are all individual merchants hawking their wares outside of the official Chatuchuk market. Here you can buy sunglasses, DVDs of dubious origin, and all manner of varieties of meat on a stick. The umbrellas do double duty as they ward off the rain and the sun. On the street, you can see buses and yellow and pink taxis all looking for fares. The line of white vans is a mystery to me, but that style of van is ubiquitous on the streets of Bangkok.

To finish our story, we decided to take our chances and I ran down the stairs to hail a cab. All went well as I was able to flag down a taxi with ease and explain where we wanted to go. The rest of family leapt (carefully) from their dry sanctuary and we were all home in under forty minutes.


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