Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

January 23, 2009 – Day Negative 1,651

My apologies as this post has nothing to do with Thailand, my 963 (give or take) days here in the Land of Smiles, or any of my adventures in Southeast Asia.

But there is still some travel involved.

Last week, the theme from WordPress for their photo challenge was reflections. Since 2011 when I starting blogging about our family’s international travels, WordPress has used this theme once before. You can see my earlier response (back in 2012) here when we were in Peru.

For today’s response, I have set the WABAC Machine to January of 2009 when our family still lived in the suburban area of Washington, D.C. In that month, a new President was about to inauguarted and there were stories floating around that millions of people would travel to the nation’s capital to see this historic event. We decided to spare ourselved from the crush of tourists and the traffic that would entail, so we high-tailed it to Cancun, Mexico, to enjoy sun, sand, and surf, while the rest of Washington enjoyed gridlock on the road, security checkpoints at the Mall, and temperatures that hovered in the “cold” range.

While in Cancun, one of the places we visited was a Mayan ruin. While walking amongst the iguanas and the remains of stone pillars, my lovely wife caught this moment as she saw our oldest child and myself reflecting off each other.


Please feel free to insert your own comment about chips off blocks, apples from trees, or something about DNA.


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