Travel Theme: Gardens

January 5, 2014 – Singapore:Day 002

Some one must have tipped off the creator of the site because this week’s travel theme is right up my daughter’s alley. The theme this week is gardens and so once again, I will take you to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

However, this time, I will actually show you pictures of flowers.

Gardens by the Bay has two massive domes that house different varieties of plants. The first one we visited is called Cloud Forest and, as you might surmise, it houses flora that would reside in a cloud forest, which Wikipedia defines as “generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane, moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level.”

And because we’re being thorough here, “montane” is defined as of or inhabiting mountainous country.

Okay, enough Funk & Wagnalls and more Ansel Adams. As mentioned in a previous post, my daughter was given control of our digital camera and she went into full shutterbug mode. Please send your compliments (and requests for 5×7 or 7×11 copies) to her for any pictures here you like.
DSCN5676Cloud Forest is dominated by a large structure festooned with montane flora. The center has stairs that allows visitors to walk up to its summit and then the follow the path (seen above) back down.

And now let the Tournament on Not Roses commence. Since I am not a botanist, I have no idea what any of the following flowers actually are, but please feel free to make up any names you feel suffice.

DSCN5696DSCN5698DSCN5700DSCN5712DSCN5798…and finally…

DSCN5822Whatever the “green thumb” equivalent is for a photographer, I believe my daughter has it.


5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Gardens

  1. aishasoasis

    Truly amazing! A garden up in the clouds, brought down to live under a dome. Such beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them and greetings from Egypt!

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