The Signs of Wat Pho

January 20, 2014 – Day 167

Earlier, I posted a picture of a statue of a horse from our visit to Wat Pho.

Wat Pho is a temple in Bangkok that is a stone’s throw (and throwing a stone in this area is not advisable) from the Grand Palace and the east bank of the Chao Phraya River (as previously seen in 963ThaiDays) that runs through the city.

Wat Pho is famous not only for being a large temple complex, but for housing a large reclining Buddha…which will not be shown in this blog. Instead, today’s offering are of some the of the signs that adorn Wat Pho.

We’ll start here with a sign that would also be appropriate in the halls of some high schools…


I read the words first so at the start I thought this sign was warning against personal digital assistants like iPods and BlackBerrys. This made sense because this location is a religious place and so people should be respectful and not yakking away on their mobile devices.

No, instead this sign is asking tourists to respect the sanctity of this venue by not smooching. Just in case you ever find yourself in Bangkok and care to visit Wat Pho (or any other Buddhist temple for that matter), please be aware that there is a dress code. No shorts, no sleeveless shirts, and no offensive words on shirts (just to name a few).

What else should you not do in Wat Pho?


Don’t touch the monks. This rule is only for the ladies, though. Apparently, it’s enough of an issue that they need signs.

What should you watch out for?


Not just people, but whole gangs. ‘Tis best to always keep your purse in front of you or your wallet in your front pocket.

To finish off, here is one last non-sign photo from Wat Pho showing off the beautiful architecture.



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