They Shoot Golf Carts, Don’t They?

January 18, 2014 – Day 165

Way back when we started out Thai adventure (lo, these many five months ago), we had a present waiting for us on our driveway when we arrived.

Before we moved to Bangkok, we had been told that it was a necessity to purchase a golf cart to help us roam around the semi-porous mesh trapezoid (aka The SPMT) (I refuse to call our neighborhood north of Bangkok proper a “bubble”…even though that is what it kinda is). So, sight unseen, we bought a gas-powered golf cart which I blogged about in the past.

I have actually bestowed the nickname “Black Beauty” upon our trusty steed. I did this because our neighbor nicknamed their cart “The Green Hornet” so I was simply continuing the theme of our block.

“Black Beauty” is also the name of a horse. In the intervening months from when we purchased our golf cart to today, the metaphor of a horse has become more appropriate to our mode of transportation around the SPMT.

If our cart was a horse, we would have had to put it out of its misery due to its many breakdowns.

The first occurred barely two months after we arrived when the battery died. A quick call to the golf cart mechanic located outside the SPMT provided us with a new container of electrical energy.

I wholly admit that Breakdown #2 was my fault entirely. I also discovered what happens to an engine when it no longer has any oil in it to lubricate all the moving metal parts. Now you can too.


One completely re-built engine later and we are back on the road.

The third malfunction occurred on the previous Monday when Black Beauty simply died in the middle of the road. Another quick call to the golf cart mechanic summons him to my location where he diagnoses the problem as being a blown fuse that regulates the flow of electricity between the battery and the starter motor.

Breakdown Number Four happened last Thursday when the same fuse blows again. Thankfully, the mechanic gave me spare fuses on Monday so we were back up and running…

…for all of two days when Black Beauty won’t leave the driveway today.

Another call to the golf cart mechanic (who can now identify me solely by the sound of my voice) and his crew comes out (on a Saturday!) to poke and prod the golf cart until they return to me with their verdict. She needs a new starter motor.

On the bright side, now that so much has been replaced on Black Beauty, there are fewer (and older) things on her to break.

Of course it’s still up to me to remember to check her oil every two weeks.


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