The Go Sign

August 25, 2013 – Day 025

My internal card catalog of the Thai language consists of six words and phrases…

…thank you,
…three, and

You will notice that my repository of Thai does not contain the word for “bathroom”. This only becomes a problem when I find myself away from the house, in need of the facilities, and there are no helpful signs to direct me to the local water closet.

To date, this has not been a problem because the malls, supermarkets, and other venues we have visited so far in our three weeks (and counting) here in Thailand because all places that we have visited have helpful signage to point us in the right direction when nature calls.

Such was the case on this Sunday when our family ventured into Bangkok to sample Siam Center,  a large mall complex that actually houses three large-scale commercial shopping centers. When one of our family had to find a bathroom, we all looked around for the tell-tale generic male/female signage.

Instead, this is the sign we found, which gave us all a bit of a chuckle.


I really should learn the word for “bathroom”. I have a feeling this deficit in my knowledge will come back to bite me in the foot one day in the not-so-distant future.


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