Hotel Directions

January 9, 2014 – Malaysia:Day 002

Travelers to hotels in the United States can be assured of finding two things…

1) A tiny bottle of shampoo and;

2) A Bible provided by the Gideons

However, when staying at finer hotel establishments in Malaysia, there are no free gifts from the Gideons to be found in any of the desk drawers. This should not be all that surprising considering that Malaysia has Islam as its official religion and sixty percent of its residents (so sayeth The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2013) are Muslim.

So, what is to be found in a Malaysian hotel for the devout Muslim spending the night away from home?

They get an arrow on the ceiling showing them the direction of Mecca.


If I haven’t said before, let me say it here: I love traveling internationally. I do see and experience something new every day.


One thought on “Hotel Directions

  1. Dyan

    Very interesting! For those who might be confused!!!!
    Miss hearing from you and the family. Praying all is well . . .


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