Another Brick in the Street

September 7, 2013 – Day 038

Out here in the area where we live, a suburb of Bangkok I have dubbed the SPMT (which stands for “semi-porous mesh trapezoid”…to distinguish this community from “a bubble” which is not quite a fair description of our place of residence), more than half the streets that grace our tree-lined byways are not composed of asphalt. Instead, these roads are made up of levelled sand onto which pieces of brick are laid by hand in the largest jigsaw puzzle I have seen. For the past few days, workers have been toiling in the Thai heat repairing a section of road by packing down the sand and then creating the surface of the new street, brick by brick.

As an example, here is a close-up of their handiwork…


Let me move the camera out a tiny bit and show you how far this section of street goes…


…and goes and goes.


The example above is just one of perhaps dozens upon dozens of such brick-lined streets here in the SPMT. Just like in Peru, these workers in Bangkok are tireless and efficient in their efforts and I thank them for their labors.


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