The Thai Tooth Fairy Pulls Double Duty

August 8, 2013 – Day 018

As the adage goes, time and tide wait for no man. An addition to that cliché is that the Tooth Fairy waits for no child despite where they might wander.

While we were in Peru, the Tooth Fairy found our children and Thailand is no different. The lucky loser of enamel was our youngest daughter. When I last wrote about her belief in the Tooth Fairy, I stated “…our youngest child still believes…”. Fast forward to now and this is no longer the case. She knows the score and she knows who places the money under the pillow. That being said, she was still excited on this night for the prospect of loot under her pillow. As we are now in Thailand and the current exchange rate is 30 baht (the Thai currency) to the dollar, she was looking forward to having an extra thirty baht.

Yes, our family is well below the national average. Our kids are well aware of this gross injustice.

A quick side note about how things are done in the Tooth Fairy Department over in our household. Normally, I am the person who (metaphorically speaking here now) dons the wings and frilly tutu, stealthily glides into our children’s rooms, and deposits the money while taking the tooth. It’s a role I play well and I have never been caught in the act. My lovely wife is an able understudy and she takes over as Tooth Fairy as long as we both communicate to each other the fact that she will be the lead pixie.

So, wind the clock forward to this morning and our daughter comes gleefully bounding the stairs giggling that she found sixty baht under her pillow. I look at my lovely wife and she looks at me and we realize we did not coordinate our Fairy roles.

Our daughter kept her windfall and my lovely wife and I promised to chat amongst ourselves next time as to who would get to wear the wings and tutu.


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