Still Nothing Rhymes With It

August 3, 2013 – Day 003

Quick post here.

In the United States, orange juice means juice made from the sweet orange…and usually from Florida.

In the States, I’m used to the only two choices offered to me when buying orange juice is what brand to purchase and how much pulp it should contain.

However, here in Thailand, one can buy a wide variety of orange juices all based on the different types of orange available. So in addition to brand, I can choose from a wide variety of orange types including shogun (a type of orange with a green peel), tangerine, si thong (a variety of orange found in northern Thailand), sai num phueng, ola, and fremont.

So far, they’ve all been good but they all have pulp…much to the dismay of our children who enjoyed the no-pulp version in the States.

Did anyone else know there was a type of orange, that is ripe, with a green peel? Just wondering.


2 thoughts on “Still Nothing Rhymes With It

    1. sinpolaris Post author

      I’m finding out how little I know about the world. I thought green-skinned oranges were rare and fantastic, but it turns out they were simply new to me.


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