So What’s the Fourth Time?

August 28, 2013 – Day 028

Today, and for reasons far too dull to delve into, I found myself walking around downtown Bangkok proper. I was also able to take the opportunity to travel via the BTS Skytrain and by taxi. On those wanderings, I saw something new.

The first time seeing something new makes it an anomaly.

The second time seeing something new (although is it really “new” if you have seen it before?) makes it a curiosity.

The third time seeing the same thing makes it a trend.

On the roads and streets of Bangkok, I saw women on the backs of motorcycles riding sidesaddle. Whether they were on private motorcycles or taxi-cycles, the majority of females riding on the backs of these two-wheeled vehicles were positioned with their feet hanging off only one side.

Not sure how safe it is to ride a motorcycle sidesaddle, but at least the majority of these women passengers had helmets on.


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