The Key

August 2, 2013 – Day 002

I am extremely far from where I grew up, there is no doubt about that. This story cements that.

While being shown around a local supermarket by someone from our neighborhood who has been in Thailand for over a year, my lovely wife noticed something odd in the parking lot. The lot itself was full of vehicles that were parked appropriately in between the white lines. However, there were several cars that were double parked. These problematic cars were parked perpendicular to the “legal” cars and were thus blocking one or two cars from exiting.

It appeared that the double-parkers were engaging in rather a selfish act by simply stopping their cars wherever they wanted, but our guide let us in on a facet of Thai culture. While the double-parkers do indeed block other cars, those wayward drivers leave their keys in the car so that a blocked driver can move the obstacle and be on their way.

That attitude of urban living is as far removed from my experience as I can get.

I am curious to see what else I can experience here that shows me that life is more than a white picket fence, apple pie, and baseball.


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