It’s Two Holidays in One

August 12, 2013 – Day 012

Today was a holiday in Thailand.

Schools were closed. Government offices were shuttered. The majority of non-service oriented businesses did not open their doors.

Our family took this time off to acquaint ourselves with one of the mega-malls that dot Bangkok. In the seven-story mecca to commerce that we visited today, two entire floors are devoted to eateries and restaurants. Our first clue about the nature of today’s holiday was the fact that most of these diners were so crowded that the lines spilled out into the hallways.

What type of holiday is it where the family goes out to eat?

Yes, you guessed it, today was Mother’s Day and folks were eating out to give their mom a day off from being behind the kitchen counter.

Why is the twelfth day in August (and a Monday, no less) Mother’s Day?

Because August 12 is Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday, that’s why. So in addition to today being The Queen’s Birthday, it is also Mother’s Day today.

And, yes, before you ask, Father’s Day is December 5 because that is His Majesty the King‘s birthday.


3 thoughts on “It’s Two Holidays in One

  1. abetterme

    That’s really neat! I live and work in Kuwait. It’s odd, although their father’s day is the same as the United States, their mother’s day is not the same as the US. I find it very interesting that, like in my home country, it seems that in countries throughout the world, people take their mother’s out on Mother’s Day.

    1. sinpolaris Post author

      Hmmm…so when is Mother’s Day in Kuwait, and does it float like it does in the US or is it fixed like here in Thailand? Thanks for stopping by.


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